Another beautiful day in West Michigan, the sun is out and clear blue sky is overhead. It is a wonderful Thurdsay and I'm glad to be alive. Seriously, I have nothing to complain about. I have a great job at a wonderful place to work at. I have a wonderful fiancee who loves me very much and food and shelter. What else does one need in life???

On another note, I have been trying to learn and understand linux lately. I maybe a Johnny-come-lately to the whole bandwagon, but being a full time Windows admin prevents some time for exploring and learning new operating systems.

I started my search for new knowledge the same way I undertake any learning experience, buy a good book and read it. I picked up Linux in a Nutshell and started reading, not learning much from the whole experience. I thumbed threw some other books, installed several distros and tried to understand something that in my mind is completely different then what I am used to.

I was looking for a way to understand the OS and its concepts and thought one of the best ways to understand would be to get training for a certification. I ventured down the route, though scared at first I would lose my other certifications, this not being the case I proceed.

I also started to pursue books that related my current knowledge base, to Linux. I searched for a GOOD book that related, if it was possible, Windows knowledge and concepts to the concepts/knowledge of Linux. I found some really bad ones, some I'm ashamed to admit I purchased. However, I found one that was quite helpful. Mark Minasi, along with Dan York wrote a great book, Linux for Windows Administrators. I would recomend it for anyone seeking to learn Linux.

On the certification side of things, I successfully studied and passed CompTIA's Linux+ exam. Through reading the certification book and applying the examples, it stregthened what I had already read. Why choose Linux+, I don't know of the top of my head, I have always found CompTIA tests to be useful and help me out. I don't know how much of a raise if any this certification will add to my salary, but I was not going for a pay raise, this was nothing more then personal improvement and satisfaction of learning something new.

Now back to other job related certifications, the fun never stops.