Nyotaimori is a Japanese ritual, the practice of eating sushi served on the body of a naked woman.

Sadly, as feminist groups and others who don't quite like the idea of using a body as a platter have begun protesting against the practice of nyotaimori, many Japanese restaurants have stopped offering it. However, old traditions die hard; there are still some places in Japan, as well as elsewhere, where one can have nyotaimori - although it comes at a steep price: as much as $1000 for each guest.

However, depending on the "quality", this price can drop significantly. If you eat nyotaimori in Sweden, you won't get a virgin (as is the custom) and you won't be allowed to see any genitals. On the other hand, Swedish nyotaimori comes at the bargain price of only $100/guest.

As more people have begun to protest against the practice of nyotaimori, restrictions have been put in place: the guests no longer enjoy commenting the woman's body and poking her breasts and vagina like they used to back in the eighties, when nyotaimori was not quite as rare as it is today. The requirement that the woman has to be a virgin has also been more or less dropped. Many restaurants offering nyotaimori also refuse to serve groups consisting of only males - a wise precaution, perhaps.