So many writeups to write, so little time. Oh well, I guess I have myself to blame. Last week I started "work" on the project I'm (supposed to be) doing in school - a boring essay that has to be written about nobel prize winner Richard P. Feynman. The idea which the school has come up with is to just assign each group of students a famous person and then just not have any lessons whatsoever for two weeks, expecting us to have something to report at the end. Yeah, right. Give 300 high school students free hands to do whatever for two weeks, and 90% of us will just relax and then submit something we downloaded off the web after two weeks of boozing.

Not quite so for me - I'm not gonna be drinking (much), I am in fact arranging a LAN party with 29 of my friends. It's gonna be a blast, we're starting monday. It's been over 22 weeks since the last big LAN I went to. And after this week, there's DreamHack in november to look forward to. In case you didn't know, DreamHack is the world's biggest BYOC LAN party, ever. And I'm going! Woohoo!

On a totally different note, I've been leeching anime like crazy this week. There's just an endless stream of it, more to watch than I have time left in my life to ever watch. There's probably (literally) more anime produced per day than I can watch. Oh well, I suppose that goes for everyone else, too.

Last time I added to the daylog, I was pretty early - there weren't that many wu's before me. Today there are and I must say, a lot of people must be mistaking the daylog for a node whatever you want node where the rules don't apply. People node totally useless stuff, node while drunk, and generally whine and complain about all that's going on in their lives. I saw a really bad one today (it's probably somewhere above, if no-one's deleted it yet) where some luser was whining about having had his writeup deleted. And he tried to call it a discussion. And his home node says "node about RPGs and I will upvote and cool you". Pathetic.

Anyway, so as to cement the apparent truth that the daylogs contain mostly useless stuff, here's my playlist:

Hmmm. Actually, on second thought, the playlist is not entirely useless - it may give some of you advice on good music to download. Just remember, software piracy isn't stealing. Have a nice week 44 everyone! I know I will.