Another week at it's end - ugh, and what a week. School sucks, as usual - good thing I only have, oh, 8 months left until I leave my home sweet home to become a combat vehicle commander in the swedish army. Woohoo! LAN party this weekend too, and we'll probably play a few games of airsoft while we're at it. I will make them fear my Colt M4A1 Carbine, oh yes! This winter, if I manage to save up enough money, I will try and get an M203 grenade launcher for it - then it will start owning massively. Now don't think I'm some kind of gun nut, I think of airsoft deathmatches mainly as a healthier alternative to sitting in front of the computer all day.

Oh anyway, this being my first ever daylog, I might try and actually tell about what I've been doing this week: School (obviously), tried to get my boss to donate another Dell PowerEdge server to a worthwile cause (my basement), fought some more with Priss, been waiting for my copy of Windows XP to arrive in the mail, watched a lot of anime .. and been idling on IRC, of course. What a life! Things should brighten up soon though, weeks 43-45 are nothing but a big holiday (although the teachers at school expect us to work on some meaningless project during those weeks .. hah!) I am hoping those weeks will give me time to work on my websites.

As a grand finale, here's my current playlist: