MC Telemachus is also famed for his translations from the original Greek. This fragment was found amongst his juvenalia.

Yo, listen to me sista
And I’ll tell you of a mista
Spent ten years floating in the middle sea.
Pretending that he’s lost
And he counts no cost
Gotta get back home to his Penelope.

Yo man Odysseus
He go home dissin us
He be telling stories of the siren ho
He say he ain’t kissin us
That he never missin us
Faithful to his queen like Ivanhoe.

From Ithaca to Troy
If you followed your boy
You can row it on your own before the end of July.
So to leave you home in tears
While he takes ten years?


It’s a lie.



Sort of part of reQuest 2018. May contain malapropisms.