Unnatural Axe is the first expansion for the Munchkin card game by Steve Jackson Games. Like Munchkin, it was designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic. It adds 112 new cards to Munchkin, including the Unnatural Axe itself, the Cute Shoulder Dragon, Druid Fluid, and the dreaded Hydrant. It also adds a new race to the game, the Orc.

Unnatural Axe is an excellent expansion to a great game. While Unnatural Axe isn't playable on its own (naturally), it does add a lot of content to Munchkin.

Unnatural Axe is also a card in the XXXenophile collectible card game by Phil Foglio. Card text:

Unnatural Axe
Past * Mythic * Gizmo
You may ignore the Instructions on Modern Character cards.
Art by Brian Snoddy

Top symbols: 1 Nature/Nudism (Leaf)
Left symbols: 5 Bondage (Lock)
Right symbols: 4 Balance/Bisexuality (Yin/Yang)
Bottom symbols: 2 Love/Lust (Heart)

Strategy analysis: Unnatural Axe, like most gizmos, is difficult to pop on all four edges... it usually pops other cards. If you can get it into your Toybox, though, you will have a very powerful ability at your disposal, since it will allow you to choose whether or not to have the Instructions on Modern Character cards (Roughly a sixth of all cards) affect you.