Saiko & Lavender is a perverse little comic book that began in late 2000, published by Anti-Ballistic Productions. It is drawn by Diana Sprinkle and written by Michael Vega. It follows two furries named (naturally) Saiko and Lavender.

Lavender is a feline sorceress who runs a cluttered corner magic shop. She tends to be high-strung, mean, and violent.

Saiko, Lavender's assistant, is a psychotic rabbit who can run at superluminal speeds and create duplicates of herself (Supposedly a side-effect of her super-speed, but she's been in situations where speed alone couldn't account for her duplicates...). Saiko is a total airhead, and can be counted on to get distracted in the middle of being distracted. When Saiko gets out of hand, Lavender sometimes threatens to turn Saiko's ears into wings, which terrifies Saiko.

Lavender owns an AMC Gremlin. It runs on love potions. As a result, everyone and everything (Except Lavender) is attracted to it. Saiko is violently jealous about the Gremlin, and will hurt anyone who damages it... or even gets too close to it.

The comic has numerous running gags and constant sight gags. It's a fine addition to the collection of any Furry and anyone who loves bizarre comics.