Today was the Super Bowl. I could care less... most professional sports hold no interest at all for me.

Three of us (Myself, Andara, and Amidala-chan) went to Magic Mountain.

We got off to a bad start... I forgot the discount coupons, and Seamus (Andara's husband), who was supposed to go with us, decided that sleeping was better than going. We started late, and ended up arriving over an hour and a half later than we originally intended.

Andara tried to buy the tickets using a computerized kiosk, to avoid the ticket lines. The kiosk shut down in the middle of the transaction. However, when we got in the normal ticket line, we were given a discount coupon by the people in front of us - a coupon just like the one I forgot!

The day started getting better from there on. The crowds were nonexistent; the lines were absurdly short. The longest we waited was around 45 minutes for Batman and The Riddler's Revenge, which were both running only one car each due to yearly maintenance.

We made funny faces for the on-ride cameras, and some of them came out so well, that we ended up buying them. That's the first time I've ever done that. At the end of the day, we deliberately pretended to be asleep on Goliath. That picture is priceless!

We managed to go on every single roller coaster in the park except Ninja and Revolution which were shut down, and Gold Rusher, which we felt would be too tame after the newer coasters.

After the park closed, we had dinner at Vincenzo's, the best pizza parlor in California. The Super Bowl was almost over, so we ended up suffering through the first episode of Survivor 2.

By the time we got home, I was so happily tired, that I fell asleep mere minutes after my head hit the pillow.