I find it horrific that anyone would mock someone for voting, or think less of them for it. Whether you view voting as a civic duty or not, if you don't vote, you lose the moral right (if not the legal right) to object to the way we are governed.

The current system may be flawed, but if you just sit back and say, "But my vote doesn't mean anything. It won't matter," then you are implicitly accepting the situation. Take a stand. Cast your vote. But don't just end it there! Lobby against corrupt politicians. Write letters to your Representative! Volunteer some of your time to causes that you feel are doing the right thing!

A complaint voiced without action is worthless.

How hard is this to understand? Not voting is, for all intents and purposes, stating that you don't care which of the two (or three, or ten) options given happens. If you complain after stating that you don't care, you're either being hypocritical (you obviously DO care), or you're being needlessly cynical or fatalistic ("It'll get screwed up no matter how it turns out"). Either way, you're not being part of the solution, in changing your government for the better.
Do you expect to have your government made perfect by other people? If so, do you expect EVERYTHING to be handed to you on a silver platter?