Fright Night (subtitled "Music That Goes Bump In The Night") is a collection of classical music released by CBS Records, Inc. in 1989. If features well-known classical pieces that have a "spooky" feel to them. This CD is usually only produced and sold around Halloween1, and is pitched as mood music for that revered holiday. Here is the track list for this album:
  1. Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky
  2. Danse Macabre by Saint-Saëns
  3. In The Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg
  4. Funeral March of a Marionette by Gounod
  5. The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Dukas
  6. Toccata (From D-Minor Toccata & Fugue) by Bach
  7. Witch's Ride (From Hansel and Gretel) by Humperdinck
  8. March to the Scaffold (From Symphonie Fantastique) by Berlioz
  9. Mars - The Bringer of War (From The Planets) by Holst
  10. Ride of the Valkyries (From Die Walküre) by Wagner
  11. Halloween by Ives
  12. Mephisto Waltz by Liszt
This is a truly incredible collection of classical music. It contains my two favorite pieces of classical music (Nothing holds a candle to In the Hall of the Mountain King, and Ride of the Valkyries is a solid second), plus several other truly great pieces of music. For a long time, this was my only classical CD, and I didn't feel any real need to add more. In my opinion, the only dark spot on this collection is Mephisto Waltz, which is a jarring, clashing cacaphony with few redeeming qualities. I expect better from Franz Liszt.

For those who are interested in adding this CD to your collection, its is currently published on the Sony Classics label, and its catalog number is MDK 45530.

1. In this age of the Internet, however, you can easily find this CD on the major music sites with a little diligence.