Well, this should be a fairly long and rambling little piece. Basically, I'm in major procrastination mode - I'd go home, but the Olympics have made sure that the drive would be pretty much impossible, plus I have to come back to the same area as my work for a party tonight.


Techically, its not my birthday until tomorrow, but I don't have Internet access over the weekends, so I thought I would share that with you all a day early. Thats what the party is for tonight, me! I haven't had a birthday party since...... well, I can't remember the last one I had, and I'm only turning 23. <tangent>"No one love you when you're tweeeenty threee". Damn Blink-182.

But the Olympics are here! Happy happy joy joy. I can't decide if thats sarcasm or not. Yes, it pretty cool that Sydney got the Olympics. But, big but, them being here when I'm trying to work here, just isn't a good thing. On a good morning I drive an hour to work. Past the Olympic stadium. Or up the offical route from Sydney CBD to the stadium. DOH! DOH DOH DOH DOH DOH DOH! By best estimates it should take me something like 2-3 hours to get to and from work.

And work doesn't want to do anything about it - no working from home, no holidays - nothing! I fairly sure that will change after half the company arrives at 1pm and then leaves again straight away because they want to be home before midnight. I'd really like to work from home personally. That'd be great as my optimal hours of operation these days are something like 11am-7pm. Of course I bet that doesn't happen, cuz that'd make me a happy camper!

What is going to great over the Olympics will be the parties however! Heaps of 12 hours long raves all over the joint should be cool! :) At the end of the month a rave called Utopia is happening at Wonderland - for you non-Australians it should be like having a rave at Disneyland - except without cute animals and with a rollercoaster that does backwards loop-de-loops. That could be.. interesting!

Hmmmm... I think I might take myself somewhere sunny, get a book, smoke a joint and relax until tonight. Bet I don't though!