Sydney, 12:11

Yeah, well, today has just fantastic already - its been raining for a couple of days and the traffic just turns to shit in the wet. So, my trip to work this morning took 2 hours. Thats really how I enjoy to spend half my morning - sitting in my car. Yeah.. thats it.

Oh well, here's hoping it looks up from here eh?


Umm.. well - I guess its looking up. The people I am writing the current software for have managed to break their server so I'm twiddling my thumbs a bit while I wait for them to get their act together.

My girlfriend is down now and currently wondering around Sydney visiting PR firms. I think I am supposed to be picking her and 3 others up from the pub later this evening. Geez, I'd forgetten how much fun Uni was. Heh, 10 months in the real world and I'm all bitter and twisted. Well, not really but Uni really was a whole lotta fun.

S. (my g/f) is having her friends staying at her place, so I am too - should be interesting.. of well with any luck they're going to want heaps of drugs so I can make some money off them :) I know that not a very nice thing to think, but I need the money!