17:35 (GMT +10:00) Sydney
Hmm.. I am currently sitting on hold to the Australian Taxation Office (or ATO as it is more affectionatly known). Why? Because I ticked the box on my tax return that said "I want my money put straight into my account", and then forgot the fill in my account details! *slap* Oh well, 7 minutes and counting. I wonder if I'll get through before I finish writing this node?

Oh well - today has been a mixed bag. I went and picked my car up from the garage this morning (even got up at the correct time, and didn't get lost on the way (see yesterday)

Oops - got through to the ATO, only 10mins on hold - thats got to be some kind of record. Apparently they will send my out a cheque, and it shouldnt slow down the processing - cool
but they did charge my $200 more than I was expecting - so now I have no money again. No suprises there. Looks like I'm hitting the parents up again. I really don't like doing that - but I've got no choice, as I can't live on no money. That was the good thing about university - if I ran out of money I could pretty much live on nothing for a week until I got more money. No such luck in the real world :P

Of course having no money for (lemme see) 18 days doesn't work at all - so I went and worked some magic at the ATM and made my cheque account cough up and extra $300 over drawn. That covers

  • 1 speeding fine
  • rent
  • petrol/food/smokes for a while
    So, I've got left
  • 1 speeding fine
  • Rental on fridge/telly/video
  • Food and petrol for 2 1/2 weeks
    to pay for. Hmmmm.... now I see why I was going to have to borrow money of my parents.

    Well this does give me a good excuse to cut back on my smoking again (maybe even give up? unlikely - damn nicotine).

    Nothing much else very interesting happened today

    This seems to be the story of my life at the moment....