Monday 17:10 (GMT +1000)
Phwaaaarrr.. well, the last one of these I wrote was - lemme think - a week and a bit ago! Bleh! Well, thats what you get when you have to acutally do work at work, as opposed to fucking around on the internet like the previous 2 weeks were! So, without further ado, the abridged version of the last week (in point form!)
  • As previously stated I headed inland to Bathurst for a night of frivolity. sonicanimation went off as usual. (And they were just awarded best live act at the first ever Australian Dance Music Awards!)
  • Got to see my girlfriend. Twice! :)
  • Errm.. boy, I didn't really do very much in the last 12 days!
  • Ahh ha! I know - Have a new project to work on - very exciting - a windows dallas loader

    Well, I lead an exciting life don't I? Hmm.. Well, onto other things of note that I feel require more a list item.
    Last Friday, we all headed out to a nice pub for lunch. I walk through the door and run head long into 2 great friends from uni that I hadn't seen in 2 years. Neither of them live anywhere near where we were, which just made the coincidence even greater. It was excellent to see them again after sunch a long break though!

    Ahh.. but the best thing would have to have been seeing Moby last night. The show was nothing like what I was expecting. I always thought of Moby as a DJ - but he spent the whole show with up front alternating between singing, playing guitar and doing misc things with electronic equipment that I couldn't figure out. I've got to say that he came across really well, and seemed like a down to earth person (some of what I had read about him had given me a different impression). Oh and the concert was excellent. Go see him if you get the chance!

    Hmm.. I believe it is now time to leave work

    Sleep well everyone in the same timezone as me