15:37 (GMT +10:00) Sydney
Hmm.. its a little weird to be beating the everything snapshot and be creating the day log - oh well, that what I get for writing it in the mid-afternoon in a different time zone to the server.

Well, another thriller day at work. My manager is back today, but I still don't have anything to do - the terminals aren't here yet, and it turns out the person responsible for testing my software at is in the UK. Oh well no need to rush at least! So I spent today reading e2 and updating the UI for the PC side of the keyloading software. Its all very pretty now - finally got around to adding comport selection for the terminal and smartcard and persistence, plus some other crap.

Spent about an hour composing an email to send out to someone first time E takers I'm heading out with tomorrow - found lots of nice reassuring stuff for them. Should be a great night cuz

  • I get the see my girlfirend
  • I get to see one of my favourite bands
  • Have Thursday off work
  • Get to spend Thursday with my girlfriend
  • Get take drugs :)
    To ellaborate on these points I'm heading up to CSUtomorrow night, to see Groove Terminator and sonicanimation - 2 of Australia's finest electronic musicians (if you ask me anyhow!) Should be fanatastic show, as the uni bar is quite small and makes for a really up-close and personal show!

    Reboot - I only discovered this show last week, but I'm hooked already - for any Australians reading this who don't know about it and have Foxtel, 9pm Ch4 on cable, every night - watch it at least once! I've got to say having cable in the house is fun, but GOD DAMN there's some SHITE on! I'm not going into it any further than that...

    And its payday tomorrow! yay! Man o man do I need the money. It will also be my first paycheck after the GST so it will be interesting to see how much extra the government will be giving me! Sweet fuck all I'll be betting! I really wish I was better with money so that I wasn't completely broke by the end of the month - makes the last week before pay very tight! Not that this month will be any better - especially as I have 2 (that right, 2 count 'em, 2) speeding tickets to pay. Yay, there goes $300+. Happiness and Light.

    Well, as far the rest of my day - 2 more hours here at work, then home to..... well not much :P How depressing - I've really got to get out and meet more people. I've been living here 6 months now and the only people I've met are drug dealers that I don't really want to hang out with! Well if anyone wants to meet after work for a drink msg me!

    Bah - I'm depressing myself! Never mind - get to do fun things tomorrow at least! Hmm..