This is how I described myself in my bio. Of course this is merely an example of my overuse of sarcasm that never really flows properly into the 'net. This is also how I would describe most ravers I know (myself included). You know the type!

But if not, I'll run through those points for you

  • Card Carrying - well, this is merely a saying meaning to be a member of, but in this case it also has another meaning. Ever be to those hideously popular clubs that have 3 hours long lines? No? Well, for those who have, being a member of them make the whole evening/morning a lot more enjoyable as you now don't have to stand around in the long, incredibly slowly moving line. See that much shorter members queue over to the side? Go there! Mmmm... membership

  • Glow-stick waving - anyone who's been in any kinda nightclub (by that I mean, not just one of those pubs that happens to have a dance floor and plays some commerical dance crap(sorry) music after 10pm - but a real, 3 story, 5 rooms of different music, multi-thousand capacity, blow your mind lighting, and bust your ear-drums sound system type club) will know what a glow-stick is. Single handed responsible for some terrible day after arm cramps on my behalf. Basically turns your everyday raver into a one man walking lightshow.

  • Use too much gel - or porcupine syndrome. Common phenomenon among ravers that has spread to the main stream. Involves putting so much gel in you hair then spiking it up that passer-bys have to be careful not to lose an eye.

  • Funny pant wearing - another phenomenon that has spilled over into the main stream. The kind of pants that have seven pockets, 12 zippers, and appear to be made from something that distorts light. Of course as a raver these attributes actually have a use. Pockets - do you have any idea how much crap you have to carry around as a raver? Lemme run through it - wallet, phone, chewing gum(x3), chubba-chups(x5), chap-stick, tickets, fliers, assorted drugs(of legal and non-legal flavours), keys, smokes. I think thats it - basically you need all those pockets. Plus those zip off legs are great when you're going from sub-zero tempuratures outside, to stinky hot and sweaty inside the club. Runs hand in hand with the cloakroom. As for the light distortion stuff, well, you've got to look cool when you go out don't you? :)

  • Weirdo - Well, I've been called it walking down the street, and you tend to look like one to a lot people. Proud to be one however!