17:08 GMT +10:00 Sydney
I gut feeling about this node today is that I will probably ramble a little - but thats OK, nothing wring with rambling :). Well, if you read my last daylog you will be aware that I was having a small problem with the code I was writing. This problem is semi-solved and I'm not going to mention it again.. so what do I really have to talk about?

Ahhh.. my weekend (last weekend that is). Company Ski trip. 2 words. Free alcohol. Make that 3 words. Unlimited free alcohol. This is a very, very, very, very, very evil thing to do to a person. The lodge we were staying in served over 30 different types of schnapps - I have some thoughts on this

  • Boysenberry schnapps, as far as we can tell, is tequilla. Not good at all! It even still tasted like tequilla the second time..
  • My liver hurts
  • While not schnapps they had something called Hemp Liquour which we just had to try. Tasted something like watered down cough medicine..
  • DON'T MIX DRINKS! I cannot stress this enough..
  • My liver hurts
  • NEVER attempt to drink 30 vodka's with schnapps chasers - especially if it is just to see if we could try all the different flavours.
  • I never realised how much you can actually drink when you don't have to worry about drinking next weeks rent money.
  • My liver really hurts

    I don't know what time we went to bed or how we got there. I do know that my girlfriend and myself woke up around 9am, with all the lights on, various injuries and only 10 more hours of vomitting to go. I think we may have managed to give ourselves alcohol poisoning or something - which is not good when you're on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. That was a real pity because it kept us from skiing all Saturday - however the skiing on Sunday was excellent!

    I don't think I have anything else to say.. ahhh.. Has anyone seen the film clip to the song Last Resort by Papa Roach? Is the lead singer the long lost brother of one of the guys from Blink-182 or what? Just thought I'd share that with you :)