17:09 GMT +10:00 Sydney
You know its just been one of those days. Having been at work for 8 hours and 10 minutes or so, I have achieved absolutely squat. Zip. Diddley. Nadda. Zero. Nothing. And all becuase of one stupid program.

My current project is pretty unexciting - converting some old DOS code we've got into Windows because some PCs we have around here don't handle the DOS communications interrupts well at all. No problem I think. I've got the old source code, and everything is going well - until I arrive at loading .b52 files. Get all the code in, play with it a little, change some things around to fit into C++ classes. Everything appears to working fine - all the LRCs are coming back perfect, but the code refuses to switch on once its been loaded into the terminal. Try it with the old DOS code - works fine. But my new windows code just refuses to work. Thats about where I was yesterday.

So, today I come in and have been playing with every different setup and combination of code and settings and anything else I can think off. RTS on. RTS off. Different delays between packets. Toggle the RTS some more for good luck. Rip the RTS out and fling it across the room. I even spent a 1/2 hour examining the differences between an old DOS function delay(x) and what I was using, Sleep(x). Nothing as far I can tell. I've stripped every little bit of code back, shifted it around, recompiled the DOS program with all sorts of debug code, jiggled this and that - all to no avail. As far as I can tell the only difference between my code and the old DOS code now is the communcations library I use and some fuction names. But still it refuses to turn on!


OK - I'm feeling a little better now. I really feel like yelling that across the office and throwing the terminal after it, but I think typing it will just have to do for now.

I actually had a great weekend and I was going to write about yesterday or today, but this (warning - some language in this next sentence may offend)

god damn, stupid mother fucking, slut, bitch, ho, animal rooting, dick faced, poor excuse for code *&^@#$*&)(*@#*&^DS
has just put me in a bad mood all week, so I haven't.

OK, I feel better now, I've had a rant and got that off my chest. It just a little frustrating to work on something for 8+ hours and be no further ahead than when you started.