The band Bruford was formed by drummer Bill Bruford (of Yes and King Crimson fame) in 1977. Joined by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jeff Berlin and keyboardist Dave Stewart (of National Health fame, not the Dave Stewart from Eurythmics), the band released four albums (three studio, one live) between 1977 and 1980.

The music played is mostly jazz-influenced instrumental rock, with a lot of solos and interesting rhythms. Their first album, Feels good to me, is notable for some wild vocals by Annette Peacock as well as heavy use of percussive instruments such as bells, marimbas and glockenspiel, which is pretty unusual to hear in a rock context. The next album, One of a kind, is similar in style but is entirely instrumental and relies more on electric instruments.

Holdsworth left after One of a kind and was replaced by John Clark, who can be heard on the live album The Bruford Tapes and their final studio album, Gradually going tornado. This album is less frantic than the previous two, and also features some nice singing by Jeff Berlin.

Bruford discography:

  • Feels good to me (1977)
  • One of a kind (1978)
  • The Bruford tapes (live) (1979)
  • Gradually going tornado (1980)