Women can pee while standing up, and i am living proof.

My experience occured my freshmen year in high school. I was on the way home from an indoor track meet, when all of a sudden the bus came to a halt. Apparently there was an accident, and we were stuck in gridlock traffic for a good five hours.

So there we were, a bus full of teenage girls. On top of that we normally get home around midnight, so it was the wee hours of the morning when we all started feeling the urge. Naturally, it finally got bad enough that my friend just had to go. Unfortunately, we were under the supervision of our coach, and she didn't want us going to the wooded area on the side of the road, because some people were driving up on the shoulder and she worried we might get hit. We were in the middle lane, so we didn't really have any options though. Well, my coach told us that we should just pee like a man.

The idea was to drop the pants, and just lean forwad, that way the urine leaves in a path away from the body. In order for this to be successful, two other people were needed, to hold a blanket to cover the person up while they pissed against the side of the bus. I volunteered to hold the blanket cause my friend needed to go so bad, but when she got there, she couldn't do it. There were cars all around us, so i don't blame her. Unfortunately, that meant i had to go first. I have to say it wasn't a pleasant experience, but it certainly was entertaining. I was just a little confused after where to put the tissues when i was done.. i just dropped them on the pavement. Soon, all the girls on the team learned the skill of peeing like a man.

Only thing left to say is i feel bad for this kids who ride bus 14.