While I am not arguing one way or the other on the overall topic, I don't think that the third point mentioned above is a valid argument as-is.

By that, I mean that there is no data presented to back it up. Capital punishment is not legal in all states, but this isn't stated. Perhaps there is a higher population of white people in many of the states that allow capital punishment. This would correlate with the statement that it is imposed more on those whose victims are white.

Also there is no data about the ratios of white/people of color of who is sent to trial in these states. Perhaps there are more colored or poor/uneducated people who get caught and convicted for crimes that are punishable by death in those states that allow it.

Then again, maybe all data would back this statement up. But I don't know.

I'll repeat that I am not arguing one way or another about the topic of capital punishment in general. I'm simply pointing out fuzzy arguments that are biased one way or another. Be careful of what you read.

mcSey: Thanks for the data. That's exactly what I am talking about.