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Born Nathan James Espen in West Bend, Wisconsin November 8, 1968. Moved to Odessa, Texas 1980. Moved (More like escaped) to Austin, Texas in 1989. I like it here except it's just too damn hot in the summertime. I have been a huge music fan since I was a kid and got my first total piece of shit accoustic guitar when I was 5 or 6 and graduated to a piece of shit electric with a Peavey Bandit amplifier when I was in the 8th grade. My dad took me to see KISS and Judas Priest in 1979.. I'm 34 now and still couldn't play a "song" if I wanted to but checkout my website becouse I tend to rock out anyway. I am into improvised rock music. No practice, no fuss, just rock. Record everything and see what sticks. Mix it, Edit it, Make Mp3's and release. I have around 300 songs on