Good Times is short for Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custard, it is a fast food franchise located mainly in Colorado. The first Good Times restaurant was started in Boulder, Colorado in 1986. From this location, Good Times has expanded; there are now 35 locations in Colorado and one in Boise, Idaho. Currently, they have plans to expand to 50 locations in Colorado.

Good Times is atypical of most fast food restaurants in that, most locations do not have indoor seating. Usually, a Good Times restaurant is in a "double drive thru format". A typical Good Times will have two drive through lanes, one for pick up on the driver side of the car, one for the passenger side. In addition to this, there is a window where pedestrians may order their food. For those pedestrians, there are usually several picnic tables to dine at. It is important to note that this is the typical setup, some locations have indoor seating.

In July of 2003, Good Times made a very public change from the beef they had been using to Coleman Natural Beef. They publicized the fact that it would cost more money, but would be of a higher quality. One of the aspects of Coleman Natural Beef that Good Times capitalized on in their advertising was how Coleman Natural Meats raise their cattle without the use of hormones and antibiotics in a free range environment.

Something else that makes Good Times unique is their frozen custard. According to Good Times, their custard is superior to ice cream. They say, "Imagine the best ice cream ever and go up from there, it's thicker, creamier, dreamier." Currently, Good Times offers several different flavors of custard along with a "Flavor of the Day" program, in which various flavors are offered only one day. In the past, there have also been flavors of the months, usually themed around a proximate holiday For example, during October, they had a pumpkin pie flavor.


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