A man can make up for his intelligence with his effort, but a man cannot make up for his effort with his intelligence. The intelligent members of the human race are obligated to use their rare abilities to aid humanity.

By the same token, people who are not of the same ability, must still fulfill their obligation to humanity, but because of the scarcity of intelligence, those who are smart are condemned to sacrifice more.

Be warned however, that one of my friends (and possibly you) think that this is a socialist idea; I however, disagree. I believe it is a philosophical one. My political beliefs include the idea that philosophy and government should not be intertwined, but even then, the idea should be identified as philosophical before it is put under a government context.


elwoodblues: Perhaps you should reread the node. Nowhere do I even begin to insinuate that people are born with intelligence. If a man can make up for his intelligence with his effort, there's no reason he can't also use it to increase said intelligence. Moreover, that's part of the purpose of this philosophy.

As for having some obligation to society, I mean only that this is a moral, tenet, watchamacallit, etc. that I admire in other people. It does not mean that I think it should become law, even if it were possible. There is a difference. You may find such thinking futile ("Why bother if you don't belive it absolutely?" logic) but that can be refuted by more general philosophies pertaining to diversity of morality and their likeness.

Now please pick up those words and place them back in your gob.