This is a conflicting method of testing. The Law of Independent Events shows that although the chance of the pennies landing the way you want god to make them is always the same, if the pennies do land all right side up or wrong side up, you can't be sure if it was God's Will. However, you readily accept the converse.

1. If all the pennies land right side up, god may exist.

2. If the pennies don't land right side up, god doesn't exist.

Perhaps, god refused to take the test because he knew it would prove nothing.
Pakaran: You'd be convinced, but it still wouldn't prove it one way or the other. Also, if the chances are so low I wonder, then is it really that minor a miracle? You can point to a trillion even less likely miracles, but that doesn't make this one any easier. You're also assuming that god grants miracles.