Although I must admit there's subjectivity here, several of these keyboards, specifically several old Packard Bell models, are absolutely wonderful keyboards. Yes, there is wasted space, and yes, intelligence in design is obtained when there isn't anything left to take away. However, this is a small price to pay for the pipe being moved to a more convient location in some cases (under the enter key, next to the right of shift). In addition many so called superfluous buttons added to keyboards nowadays can easily be remapped with included software or freeware off the net, giving you more keys to play with, and making shortcuts shorter.

Granted, there can sometimes be confusion if a keyboard has no wake up button, but most keyboards shipped today have the sleep button also work as the wake up button, and have an icon to indicate this. People not able to figure this out aren't stupid, but they aren't following the important principle RTFM.