Because of the time zone difference between the server's location and mine, alot of my daily logs have actually occured one day in the past from when I posted them. So if it says February 5th (like this one) it's probably the fourth. However, I'm posting this one earlier in the day, so this one is actually on time.
        Today I wondered about how the smiley face: ^_^ shows up on Everything2. See, look what happens if you try to link it ^_^. Why doesn't someone come up with a formatting tag so you can change what linked text looks like? That'd be sweet ^_^
          I also figured out a way today, to make smiley faces look like they're going into the future. Of course, it has to be the kind of smiley faces that are vertical, like so, "^_^". It won't work on the horizantal ones, " :) ". Simply italicize: ^_^. You could create a chain of them going in the wind:

        There ought to be a standard for smiley faces.... Also, be sure to have your daily dose of genital mints!

Yes, this was indented in a wierd way for no reason.