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BrevityQuest12 has ended. Thanks for all your submissions: 36 noders contributed 94 writeups, good work!

NanceMuse here, substituting for the vacationing [The Debutante|DEB].

I'll keep this [brief|short and sweet].

It's April, and therefore time for BrevityQuest. We want your [This place needs more actual content. Let's begin.|writeups], 300 words or fewer.

  • The quest starts 00:00:01 Tuesday, 3 April 2012 and ends 23:59:59 Monday, 30 April 2012, [server time|e2 server time].
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact or fiction, both poetry and prose; new writeups only, please!
  • Post as many submissions as you wish, but remember that flooding the [new writeups] list is never a [good intentions|good thing].
  • It's really helpful if you note the word [count to ten|count] at the end of your writeup.
  • After posting your writeups(s), notify [NanceMuse|me] of your minora opera so I can add it to the list of BrevityQuest submissions in this node.

Bounty will be [by the wonderful Oolong|awarded] at 10GP per writeup, and something fun will land into the mailbox of our "[best in show]" entrant. [Tem42], the god-like [Oolong] and I will determine the winning quest entry (thanks Oolong and Tem). We'll probably enlist the help of some [DEB might be one of them|guest judges], too.

Need some inspiration? Check out the BQ submissions listed in [BrevityQuest09], [BrevityQuest10] and [BrevityQuest11].

Need I say [So little left to say|more]? Oh - have [Ain't We Got Fun?|fun]!

In brief:

  1. [Cairngorm] by [Tem42]
  2. [Thyme[by NanceMuse]|Thyme] by [NanceMuse]
  3. [up the hill, houses and the ghosts of two dogs] by [moeyz]
  4. [Woodstock[by Pandeism Fish]|Woodstock] by [Pandeism Fish]
  5. [Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)] by [decoy hunches]
  6. [stevia[by pomegranate]|stevia] by [pomegranate]
  7. [stripper clip] by [The Custodian]
  8. [Sovereign case] by [Tem42]
  9. [Lee Rifle] by [The Custodian]
  10. [en bloc clip[by The Custodian]|en bloc clip] by [The Custodian]
  11. [Smith & Wesson Model 5906] by [The Custodian]
  12. [A story about Mia and church] by [Zephronias]
  13. [wherever you are] by [moeyz]
  14. [magazine follower] by [The Custodian]
  15. [pistol slide] by [The Custodian]
  16. [M1 thumb] by [The Custodian]
  17. [basil[by Nancemuse]|basil] by [NanceMuse]
  18. [Pissabed] by [Tem42]
  19. [Who can know it?] by [etouffee]
  20. [A love letter from someone who cannot say I Love You] by [Orangeduck]
  21. [karass] by [decoy hunches]
  22. [Happy Birthday From Planet MotherSuperior] by [moeyz]
  23. [A small story about Mia] by [Zephronias]
  24. [Contact shot] by [kozmund]
  25. [between Earth Day and the anniversary of Chernobyl] by [moeyz]
  26. [Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day] by [borgo]
  27. [straight last] by [jessicaj]
  28. [Jonny Jakobsen] by [mauler]
  29. [Milk, the Deadly Poison] by [Pandeism Fish]
  30. [The rain machine] by [winston_farsoul]
  31. [Cobbler[by DriftingHere]|Cobbler] by [DriftingHere]
  32. [You May Exit if You Wish] by [Hommerabi]
  33. [Success Story] by [Zed_Alpha]
  34. [Like toys for overgrown children] by [winston_farsoul]
  35. [Yell Hound] by [Zephronias]
  36. [unemployment[by Pandeism Fish]|unemployment] by [Pandeism Fish]
  37. [Mayor of X] by [Glowing Fish]
  38. [to red and white] by [moeyz]
  39. [Malversation[by Pandeism Fish]|Malversation] by [Pandeism Fish]
  40. [Promenade[by winston_farsoul]|Promenade] by [winston_farsoul]
  41. [Two stories about Mia] by [Zephronias]
  42. [Occam's Razor[by lizardinlaw]|Occam's Razor] by [lizardinlaw]
  43. [A story about Mia] by [Zephronias]
  44. [pulling your chain] by [moeyz]
  45. [Barouche-landau] by [Tem42]
  46. [just a small holy moment to hold onto] by [moeyz]
  47. [Welcome Home[by winston_farsoul]|Welcome Home] by [winston_farsoul]
  48. [I would run to you] by [Pandeism Fish]
  49. [Clothes make the man] by [Zephronias]
  50. [Idle speed screw] by [ignis_glaciesque]
  51. [Sweet woodruff] by [NanceMuse]
  52. [Chessboard] by [StuartO)))]
  53. [Church Grim] by [Zephronias]
  54. [Amazon Kindle[by futurehog]|Amazon Kindle] by [futurehog]
  55. [Pygame] by [BranRainey]
  56. [the glory] by [moeyz]
  57. [Avril 14th] by [decoy hunches]
  58. [Agnostica] by [Tem42]
  59. [The Shitting Duck of France] by [wertperch]
  60. [volute spring] by [Transitional Man]
  61. [Tell me a story about bunnies[by moeyz]|Tell me a story about bunnies] by [moeyz]
  62. [This castle looks a lot like the old one] by [winston_farsoul]
  63. [skinny dipping[by raincomplex]|skinny dipping] by [raincomplex]
  64. [Columbia River Bar] by [fool4luv]
  65. [dark highways take us near and far from home] by [Auspice]
  66. [Who disturbs my slumber?] by [moeyz]
  67. [Rubberlip surfperch] by [wertperch]
  68. [In-Q-Tel[by Tem42]|In-Q-Tel] by [Tem42]
  69. [the desert was once alive, but I don't remember it[by Pandeism Fish]|the desert was once alive, but I don't remember it] by [Pandeism Fish]
  70. [Love is a thing with feathers] by [Zephronias]
  71. [A Room with a View[by winston_farsoul]|A Room with a View] by [winston_farsoul]
  72. [Bullockornis] by [Tem42]
  73. [drop[by Orange Julius]|drop] by [Orange Julius]
  74. [qarez] by[ Auspice]
  75. [Salad burnet] by [NanceMuse]
  76. [3 Mustaphas 3] by [wertperch]
  77. [Graveyards of the earth] by [Auspice]
  78. [The Borg, oh] by [dannye]
  79. [Sounds from the Underbrowned] by [IWhoSawTheFace]
  80. [A vignette about a toad] by [moeyz]
  81. [New socks and a Purple Frying Pan] by [moeyz]
  82. [I'm no Socrates] by [borgo]
  83. [Grundoon[by wertperch]|Grundoon] by [wertperch]
  84. [Lebenslüge] by [Aerobe]
  85. [Osymyso] by [decoy hunches]
  86. [high fructose corn syrup [by mauler]|high fructose corn syrup] by mauler
  87. [Paying Father's Price] by [Pandeism Fish]
  88. [clitoris[by Pandeism Fish]|clitoris] by [Pandeism Fish]
  89. [He wakes up everyday, puts an empty gun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger.[by Zephronias]|He wakes up everyday, puts an empty gun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger.] by [Zephronias]
  90. [garter stitch[by Tempestas]|garter stitch] by [Tempestas]
  91. [Bloom's taxonomy] by [blahbleh]
  92. [Overloquaciousness] by [Pandeism Fish]
  93. [Her smile[by Sinepyriah]|Her Smile] by [Sinepyriah]
  94. [Doctor Who Scarf[by Tempestas]|Doctor Who Scarf] by [Tempestas]