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mission drive within everything
Be happy - make your enemies crazy.
Baking chocolate chip cookies for troops in Iraq - my only concession to trying to act my age.
School of hard knocks; My friends are good company.
Lead, follow, or get out of the way!
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62-year young grandma, addicted to MMORPGs, specifically Everquest & World of Warcraft, where I am the leader of the Earthen Guardians Guild. See our website at when our priceless :: koff :: files are finally rescued from cyber limbo as they get repointed from Verizon to - a transfer that moves with the blinding speed of a sedated snail. Other interests: computers, designing websites, writing, poetry, and spoiling grandchildren rotten and then handing them back to their mother - my ultimate revenge for my own daughter's childhood pranks :) Age has its own rewards, but I wish they came in the shape of free facelifts and tummy tucks. I happened upon this site while looking up some info and fell in love with the style and humor - real information dispensed with chuckles - the only way to surf.