Well, I always found that a lot of times people who you think love and care for you, simply can't handle it when you are not all happy and chipper, and they leave and lash out etc. and cause you more pain at the end.

This guy, the ex love of my life, dated me for 9 months. At some point in our relationship, I moved out of my house, my grandmother died, and a bunch of other bad stuff happened.

I got really depressed, and codependent and wasn't much for sex or anything anymore, but it was all because I was under so much pressure, all I wanted was for him to be there, and tell me he loved me no matter what.
But instead he started to treat me like shit, and guilt trip me and avoid me. And caused me more pain when I would ever have imagined I was capable of feeling. I also got really ill, and was in the hospital, and he didn't even bother to call me in that week, which was then I decided he wasn't right for me

Thank god I had great friends to depend on, and as soon as I got better, I dumped the bastard. The night I broke up with him, he told me he still loved me and wanted to "work things out". Of cause he did, cause I was becoming my happy, cheery self again, but I have also regained my self confidence, so I said: "

"Hell NO!"

The lesson I learned form this is that if you want and ask for help, all you get is pain, you have to have people offer to be there for you, cause that means they truly love you. If you have to ask for it, you will get pain cause if those close to you don't see that you need help, they don't love you in the right way, and won't give you what you need.