I always realize it after I already did it.

The thing is a lot of noders use Everything2 as a diary, this includes my self.
When you tell people something, they judge you, give you their opinion, or get mad or hurt.

So I started to write things on E2 cause no one except one person here knew me.

Problem... I told so many people how great E2 is that I can't write a node without hearing about it later, or pissing somone off.

Perfect example, I wrote a couple of nodes of sexual nature, my best friend's little sister who is 14 read them. In fact, she is a noder now, which is cool, but I still don't want to give someone younger then me ideas about this kind of stuff.

I can't write about my romantic life at all cause as soon as I start dating somone, I introduce them to E2, so if I am interested in somone else they immediately know. What they might not realize is that a lot of it may just be my thoughts and elaborate analysis of events rather then the truth, but it is still close enough to the truth to hurt people

And when a friend pissed me off in the past, I could get it out of my system by noding about it. The problem is most of my friends, ex boyfriends, my boss, and friend's siblings read my nodes now.

I am not too terribly upset, but I just realized it has crippled my noding ability because every time I think of a great node, I have to watch really carefully what I say and who I mention in it.

I got very attached and involved with E2, so I think the problem is most people want to share their hobbies with those close to them, that's why twentysomething people read my stuff now.

But sometimes I really wish I kept E2, and my nickname a secret.