Sorry for the delayed account:

My cousins had a baby, her contractions started on the 24, she had the baby in the evening on the 25th. It's also a solar eclipse. Hmmmmmm....

They named the baby Daniel. I spent all day in the hospital with her and her husband and rest of my family. No big deal, we are Jewish, Christmas is just a day when everything is closed.

I was suppose to have Christmas dinner with my ex's Catholic family, but Lena went into labor, so I just saw John for a few in the evening. It was weird. Hanging out with exs always is I suppose. He gave me two books I wanted. Mefisto and The Last Kabalist. That is good, work is boring, so good books are welcome. Spend all rest of the night hanging out with my friend Cosmo, the other lonely Jew on Christmas. We drove around looking for an open place to find coffee. Even Denny's was closed. Hell has frozen over.