I was sitting by myself one afternoon on my lunch break and paused to contemplate. I've always felt this deep sense of loneliness.. but why? As I took another bite out of my sandwich, it hit me. No, not the ultimate answer to all of life's questions. A French Fry. I turned around and rolled my eyes at the child who was launching food items at me.

I went back to thinking, and I realized: Maybe I'm just a loner.. I've never really depended on other people. I've always preferred to do stuff by myself rather than with the help/hinderance of others. Who needs them? That feeling of complete emptiness rushed over me again. I do...

Sometimes the desire to change your personality can be overwhelming. Your mind is overflowing with various what ifs. Do I really want this? What great people am I missing the opportunity to get to know? Is this how I'm going to spend the rest of my life? Will I die alone?

The musings of such things during lunch hour are inappropriate, however. I'll take some time to think about it later. But, for now It's the loner's life for me..