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A drink invented by me and my brother on the banks of the River Severn, possibly in celebration of the hard days kayaking we'd just finished, or possibly because we had a large quantity of alcohol left.

Strangely popular with everyone I'd introduced to it, mainly because its ability to be consumed in large amounts and not effect you for hours afterwards , although when your body does finally realise, it knocks you nicely for six. Not recommended for nights out!

Colour - Bright Green, (slightly darker than a Nuclear Iced Tea)
Taste - "Bittersweet, yet also exceptionally drinkable"1


  1. 1/2 pint Strongbow (for preference, although Blackthorn will do as an alternative)
  2. 1 small bottle of WKD Blue
  3. 4 shots of Mickey Finn or 5 shots of Apple Sourz 2
  4. 1 lemon
  • Nice and simple, mix all the liquid into a jug or beaker, stir well and add the squeezed lemon. Serve with ice.

1 - My brother's girlfriend's discription of our creation.

2 Mickey Finn, whilst being one of the nicest drinks, is also nigh impossible to find (in the UK at least). Apple Sourz, whilst slightly more expensive, is easier to find, so both are shown. Aren't I nice to you all?

Many thanks are owed to Dimview and jessicaj for giving this node a good going over. Much love ladies.

Disclaimer - Please, please, please, please enjoy safely, and don't do anything stupid whilst under influence. I'm not taking any responsibility of incidents, accidents or embarassment caused from drinking this beverage in large (or small) quantities. You have been warned.