"Punk Eek" is often used erroneously by creationists to claim that "scientists don't agree that evolution is a valid theory". This is of course, bullshit. It's not saying that a) evolution is disproven, or b) Darwin was wrong. The hypothesis suggests an additional, alternate mode of evolution, which occurs at a faster rate than the standard "neo-Darwinian" model of evolution by successive small degrees.

The novel adaptation mentioned in the first writeup is often referred to as a "hopeful monster". Imagine a fish born with a skeletal deformity which gave it bony plates around certain vital organs. It could survive predation to produce more offspring than softer fish. Eventually, most of the fish would be hard-bodied. You would not find a complete range of intermediate forms between the original soft fish body and the "armoured" body, would you? Just a sudden appearance of "armoured fish"! It's a just-so story, but it illustrates the point.