This is one of the reasons I am so pro-gun control. They are fascinating. So many different designs, some look "cool" and are common in movies (eg. MP5, Uzi), others are of an older vintage (Bren gun) or are downright peculiar (FN P90). Some are so devastating as to be almost ludicrous (MAC-10). But they are fascinating - even to an avowed pacifist and all-round harmless guy like me (yeah, I rescue spiders from the bathtub, so what?). I would never think of using a gun in anger against another human being, and even if my life were in danger I'd have great difficulty shooting a bullet into somebody, watching as they fell back with perhaps a strangled cry and a gush of blood.

If they have this effect on me, I damn sure don't like the idea of anyone with more violent tendencies having access to anything more powerful than a rubber band.

The interesting thing is that when I got the chance to fire a military-grade automatic weapon on the shooting range, it really didn't do much for me. I was a mediocre shot, and I didn't get a sense of power or confidence from it. Only fear, that I was holding something that would allow me to maim or kill everyone in sight in seconds. I prefer Counterstrike - it's much safer.