A profoundly bizarre movie. It's sort of a tribute/biography to the composer Franz Liszt, but mostly it's just insane. It was made in 1975 by Ken Russell, and let me tell you, he passed up no opportunity to include (softcore) sex and exaggerated penile imagery! Liszt's life is portrayed as that of a rock and roll god, complete with numerous sexual conquests and crowds of screaming teenagers at his concerts. The film is also noteworthy for its brutal metaphorical portrayal of Richard Wagner as the virulent anti-Semite that he of course was. It stars Roger Daltrey as Liszt, and features Ringo Starr as the pope!

I saw this film on late-night cable a while back. I particularly liked the dream sequence where Liszt dreams he has a colossal (around 10' long x 1' thick) erection with nude women dancing around it like a maypole. Once he is entwined in their ribbons, lust turns to horror as they drag him towards a guillotine, with gruesome intent. Unfortunately, I am about 1/2 generation too young to really appreciate a lot of the 1970's-era subtleties that apparently pop up in this film.