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A uniquely flavoured exotic [coffee] from [Indonesia]. The [coffee beans] are not collected in the usual way, but are instead recovered from the [feces] of the Indonesian [arboreal] [civet|civet cat] (Paradoxorous hermaphroditus). Because of [fermentation] in the animal's gut and possibly contact with the musky oil it [skunk|sprays] from its behind to deter predators, the resulting coffee has a [flavour] which has been described as "[earthy]", heavy-bodied", and "musty". Presumably due to the difficulty of collecting these beans, Kopi Luwak apparently sells for $100-200/[pound].

Noder's note: Fortunately, I imagine the average [Everything] reader cannot afford Kopi Luwak, and we thus are spared the [dilemma] of wheither to sample something (however [good coffee|tasty]) that has passed through another [mammal]'s [gastrointestinal tract].