Wobbly Headed Bob is a character from Jhonen Vasquez's comic Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Bob's curse is one I can relate to far too often. He is gifted with an incredible intellect and an understanding of what makes the people around him tick, yet he is isolated on a planet full of morons and half-wits. He sees the impending failure of romantic relationships, he sees the pointlessness of SATs, he sees both the beauty and functionality of suicide and its uselessness. Quite a curse indeed.

This is a bit of a Cassandra Complex.

When my friends see that I am acting as if I know everything they often mention that I am being too wobbly-headed to be taken seriously. Then their relationships backfire for obvious reasons and they hate me more. So it goes.

If you want to read any WHB you'll have to get the original single issues of JTHM since all of his sections are cut out of the graphic novel.

Thanks to Morgon77, apparently they are also available in the Squee Trade paperback.