An empty whisper, a hollow sound

Apollo's gaze lingers here no more

Sentinel of life's muse, I no longer stand

Frail, beaten, tunneling underground


Only one mantra rings true

Hope is the inspiration of fools

Shepherding a blind flock to its doom

Drowning the weak in dark pools


The hourglass,  nature's unique remedy

To happiness's impoverished destiny

A recurring delusion, a reverie

Bordering on insanity


Certainty is a fair weather friend

Yet never again will I fall prey

Forgetting my mind, falling astray

Reason will never turn me away


It is said all things fade away

Bruised fists holding the numbness at bay

A role no dream can make me play

Sore eyes, find another place to lay


Nothing can ever compare

With one's first winter,one's first spring

Yet their novelty strays,

Just as an instrument loses its ring

So does minds eye wander to other things