Today I finally became 2 (Novice), after too many months in level 1. Why did it take me so long? I guess I had a bad start: I liked Everything2 from the very beginning, but when I finally started participating, all I did was noding not-funny-at-all jokes and writeups that had no actual meaning. Downvoted again and again, I've learnt my lesson and started all over, this time investing in each and every w/u.

It wasn't until my id Software w/u that I really got the idea of this whole thing. I've worked on this node for a long time and kept (and still keeping) it updated, so it'd be my best one. Quickly my XP became positive again, and I was thrilled by it all.

When I've experienced a massive downvote by some1 who I guess didn't really like me, I got rather dissapointed of E2. And so I 'took a break', leaving my XP and w/u count just bellow the minimum required for level 2. It took me some time to get back to it and start writing again.

Anyway, I'm back now, and I made it. I'm happy. And I'm writing all of this because someone once told me that what's great about daylogs is that nobody reads them.. o_O

I guess it calls for a new bio in my homenode. Well, why not. I shall work on one when I return from somewhere tommorrow morning.

This is me, signing off.

That was my first daylog. seriously.