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(the mess that started it)

2+2 = 2*2 = 2^2 = 2->2

  • minor change to e2container (container) to not show the E2 logo when viewing the site over HTTPS
  • minor change in Notelet (nodelet) [sic] to respect $VARS->{lockCustomHTML} to not show nodelet text
  • created Outside URLs (nodelet)


3! = 3*2*1 = 2*3 = 6

  • made SQL Prompt (restricted_superdoc) show how many records were returned, and added option to show row numbers


  • found the bug in sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) that makes it mess up when sending to usergroups: ignoring doesn't work properly, and multiple groups aren't sent to; however, this will take a bit of work to fix, so this remains buggy for now (which is OK, since nobody can yet /msg a usergroup via this htmlcode, anyway)
  • added links to the (previous, current, next) (day's, month's) editor log in epsection_ces (htmlcode), which is the section of the Epicenter nodelet for editors

baker's dozen = unlucky number = first "teen"

  • adjusted hack adjustment in timesince (htmlcode)

3*5 = 1+2+3+4+5

  • added option $VARS->{listcode_smaller}, which can be enabled at user settings 2 for edevites, which makes listcode (htmlcode) show smaller code listings, when enabled


  • enabled varsComboBox (htmlcode) for all users
  • added option $VARS->{informmsgignore} to user settings, which determines how a user is informed when their messages are blocked
  • major update to sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) - can send to multiple groups, ignoring works for usergroups and users, maximum message length a bit higher; for full information see the "help" displaytype at the htmlcode

9th prime

  • modifed voteit (htmlcode) to slightly change the appearance of writeups' reputation display, after voting; as of this writing, nobody has commented on the change in appearance, so I'm assuming it doesn't look too ugly
  • displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode), function info_author - admins now see locked users as crossed off

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