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(When EDC made me their slave)

More information about some of these items, may be found on E2's SourceForge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/everything2/ .

This month I mainly added a few options and added a little more information to the display. (First number is day of month, second number is day of year.)

7, 38

  • as per C-Dawg's suggestion, added option for editors to default to "signing" Klaproth's messages (when an editor deletes a writeup, the message from Klaproth will show the editor's name in parenthesis); modified the killing floor II (superdocnolinks) and user settings 2 (superdoc)

9, 40

  • updated List Nodes of Type (superdoc)
    • sorting option is now a user pref.
    • now shows "age" of node
    • now editors may also use it (previously only edev and admins were allowed)
    • added sorting options: title, author's ID, create time (previously just node_id)

10, 41

  • displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode)
    • added paragraph and sentence count when showing writeup length
    • added much caching, as a preliminary step in also allowing custom writeup footers

11, 42

  • voteit (htmlcode)
    • fuzzy and blue suggested making donfreenut's Butterfinger McFlurry writeup always marked-for-destruction, but not actually deleting it; a quick little test was added for this (note that it is still votable)
    • removed getting of default-to-mercy-kill setting for editors, since now all writeup deletions are mercy-killed (which also saves us from hitting the DB twice per page load when viewing an e2node or a writeup)
  • ednsection_cgiparam (htmlcode) - the edev nodelet's CGI parameter section now makes any key starting with 'debug' (case insensitive) show more of the value, and show in a fixed-width font

20, 51

  • (prettyization) changed display of accrued devpoints in the EDev nodelet to be, like, 1337 (Everything Developer (nodelet))
  • (information) added display of the node's age in the EDev nodelet
  • (information) for admins, Other Users (nodelet) user-is-in-a-room icon now says room's ID the user is in when pointer is hovered over the room indicator

26, 57

  • (back-end, prettyization) more messing with displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode), along with htmlcodes displaywriteuptitle so it don't pass $$VARS{wuhead} (displayWriteupInfo handles this now) and printableheader to use displayWriteupInfo instead of doing its own lame header
  • (prettyization) made voteit (htmlcode) not show voting buttons in printable displaytype and the writeup wasn't voted on
  • (prettyization) made CoolUncoolIt (htmlcode) not show C! link in printable displaytype

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