Life is an indeterminable amount of routines, routines that manifest themselves in both the conscious and the subconscious. Routines we shrug off, routines we couldn't miss if we tried.

A large amount of our social behavior, for example is based in routine. We talk to many people the same way each time, we have our own accepted practices with others and our own in-jokes.

The daily grind is a terrifying thought to many, and if you really think about it, it'll fuck you up. The sheer prospect of a monotonous, meaningless life is a bit unnerving to most. Just think -

    You're born.
    You live at home.
    You go to school. For more than a decade.
    You get a job.
    You work for most of your life.
    You DIE.

If you're lucky, there are spouse(s) and kid(s) somewhere in there.

Schedule, of course, is a comforting thought to many. Familiarity does not, in fact, breed contempt. Or at least not always. Familiarity provides a warm safe haven, it exists without risk or fear. This is why we're afraid of the unexpected. I'll admit to having my own, rather bizarre rituals, which I indulge in as often as I can. They're the only solace I can take in the concept of repetitiveness.

The important thing to remember about life, though, is that the vast majority of interesting, exploring, fantastic things we do are outside of our daily schedule. They are unexpected, spontaneous, and incredibly liberating. Live life for the time that's yours, not the time the world taxes. Your life exists in vacations, in relations, in the warm months of summer, in long weekends and short breaks. Live for the extraordinary. Live for the unexpected.