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To open the eyes of the Forest's dormant Chosen, and those few honourable of Man's Race.
Writings: poetry / Current projects: Gardh-Thurian, Sowilo, Ril-Hinthial, and Hishrymnarshaatan
Mein Ehre heisst Treue.
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Remember your Folk -

Honour the former existence of Ancestors through your own being -

Remain loyal to those who have genuinely shown you the blood of their Spirit -

Promote the legitimate defense of ancient Ideals, Concepts, and Ideologies of the eldest Folk -

Guard the Ancient veins of truly obscure, Natural Existence -

Stand as a bastion against destructive ideas in their attempt to attain mass appeal. Refuse the acceptance of negatively foreign convictions. Locate and embark upon the Ancient Way through the light of Ages that in Mind, you have never left -

Wherever you endeavour, ensure a perilous journey for the Forest's enemies the truth of their identities may lie well-hidden but exercise the Eye of Spiritside in your discernment -

Deny the perversity of modern politics, sciences that disprove the Mysteries of our Ancient Nature, and the indoctrination of any tongue that speaks in promotion of judaic influence. Enforce the Voice of Pride and Tradition -

Act mindfully for present times permit no dissenting strokes. Do not allow the Ideal of Old Spirit's Dream to fade, no matter the lengths of stagnant Time. Live for the Day that our Warriors died to defend their Women and Children from weapons raised in Israel, by which their blood was shed. Remember that a Day will dawn when we shall raise our own in response to an Age of disgrace and perversion. The graves of Pagan Europe will lie avenged through the homage of Warfare at the end of our Millennium -

Lost forces will guide the feet and hands of the Chosen and direct the absorption of purely unblemished Knowledge and Wisdom, but the expression of Heart, Mind, and Spirit are ours alone in dictatation.


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