sniffle, sniffle...


Habink a cole really, really thucks.

So now that I'm back in NC, I not only got sick, but I get to deal with the fact that my dad is now a complete religious nutcase. My dad is, to say the least, a very 'rough around the edges' individual. Well, he broke up with a woman, wrecked his truck, and then found Jesus (in the form of the Southern Baptist church). Normally, I'm very cool and supportive of this type of thing, but he isn't acting out his newfound spiritual conviction in very healthy ways, and his preacher isn't much better. I have a new saying since I met him. "Never trust a preacher who wears a gold watch."

Now... My dad is, at this point, doing such things as telling his exgirlfriend that she's "Satan's wife", and telling his boss that he "Rebukes him in the name of Jesus Christ!", among other colorful stories. But, I still have to be supportive, because religion is really important to him now. It doesn't really do to tell one's family members that "Hey, the Jesus thing is really cool and all, but the running around acting like a fuckwit isn't." That type of thing makes for some uncomfortable holidays, if you know what I mean. So I keep my mouth shut. I tried going to church with him, but Southern Baptist services seriously strike me as an easy listening concert with a hate speech tucked somewhere in it. It sickens me.

Since I try to be the tolerant type, I find some of his new beliefs to be a bit offensive, to say the least. Sometimes it's just sad. We were watching this show about this huge ice storm in Canada, when he turns to me and says, "Jacob, do you know what caused that ice storm?"

I responded with some sardonic comment about weather patterns and precipitation, but there was no stopping the Jesus angle at this point.

"Jacob, do you believe in the Wrath of God?"

"Sure, Dad."

"Did you know that my preacher would have been arrested in Canada for his sermon today, because it's illegal there to say that homosexuality is wrong? And look right there on that screen."

"Dad, are you seriously suggesting that Canada (and parts of the Northern US) was hit with an ice storm, delivered personally by God, because they have anti-hate speech laws?!"

He just shrugged, and chuckled, smug in his joy in seeing his fellow man's pain. Real Christ-like...

Then he called me with one the other day, and told me something that still makes me angry when I think about it.

"Jacob," he says to me in that 'I'm about to tell you a universal truth' tone of voice. "I've been thinking about that whole tsunami thing that happened in Asia. And I was thinking, you know, a lot of babies got killed over there, but it's good that they did, because they were killed before the age of accountability, so they're in Heaven now. If they had grown up to be adults, they would have been raised into other religions, and so they would have gone to Hell, but since they were killed in the tsunami before then, they're with Jesus now. So it's really a blessing. PRAISE GOD!"


I have never, in my life, ever, EVER heard something so fucking stupid and hateful as this. He's glad, GLAD, that children died, so they wouldn't have a chance to grow up to be nonchristian.

I'm thinking that maybe it's time to stop being supportive of his 'newfound religious awakening'. There is no amount of personal good that can be done in his life that would justify this. None.

That's my rant for the day. To those people that I promised mix cds to, give me a bit to get paid again, and I'll send them out. If anyone else, would like one, send me a note. Here's a tracklist:

Default Consciousness: Mixed by Myrkabah

  1. Analog Pussy - 2B
  2. Sesto Sento - Smart Move
  3. Psyside - Crazy Space Lab (Remix)
  4. Sesto Sento - Dive to Drive
  5. Kindzadza - Dasty Ho
  6. Neuromotor - The Brain Forest
  7. Wizzy Noise - Adrenaline Drum (Pt 2.)?
  8. Distortion Orchestra - Quantum Mechanic
  9. Kindzadza - Furiya Kruchinya
  10. Miranda - Phenomenon 2004
  11. Sesto Sento - Cookie Stealer
  12. Analog Pussy - Future
  13. Alien Project - One Ring
  14. Miranda - Rainforest 2004
  15. Analog Pussy - Psycho Punko
It's a live mix, so there's some rough edges. I'm taking a copy down to Durham to have a friend of mine do some mastering to it, but I know from experience that if I wait around perfectionating it, I'll never get it out. I have an Mp3 available too, but be forewarned: My encoder clipped the shit out of some of it.
This excessively long daylog has been brought to you by fatigue, the cold virus, DXM, and THC. Fnord.
Update: I talked to my dad about the whole issue, and let him know that I was extremely offended by that whole tsunami thing. He apparently finds my defending homosexual rights to be just as offensive. Blech.