I've been a part of Everything 2 now for, according to the server, roughly 1.1 years.

I'm hardly a prolific noder. My node count sits, after those 1.1 years, at nineteen writeups. Twenty, after this one. Sixteen, if you don't count daylogs. Roughly 1.5 nodes per month.

It was only a few hours ago before I could say that I felt like even a part of the E2 community, much less an important one.

No, no, I'm not here to complain. These trials are behind us now. I just wanted to offer a few thanks.

Thank you, Crowjane for introducing me to E2. I'll never, ever forgive you, but I'll never forget the few good things either. This was one of them.

Thank you, ac_hyper for letting me know that occasionally my words are more than just heard, that sometimes they actually matter.

Thank you, Dreamvirus, for getting my lame humor. :)

But mostly, I would like to thank dem_bones. He and I have conversed several times, and I have to say that there are not many individuals who have gained my respect and trust as quickly as he has. He may very well be the reason that I'm still typing "www.everything2.com" in my address bar whenever I get the chance.

Thanks, dem_bones, for taking the time to let me know that Everything 2 really is a community, and that I am, at least in some small way, a part of it.

Because for a second, I really honestly didn't believe it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some noding to do...