It took a talk...

And a little music, I guess...

I want to give my thanks to everyone for caring, I do appreciate it, but it wasn't really all that serious a situation. Although I was very depressed, I just wanted to show it in a subtle way. I ended up getting a tremendous response to such a small amount of expression for my problem. Yeah, I know I ended that node with a plea, but I wasn't really thinking of everyone actually sending me advice.

The irony is... I'd really hate to join the vast ranks of sad kids everywhere, the same type of person I've pitied and given advice to for so long, though I guess I'm the right age for it (read: 19).

My solution: The Flaming Lips and a long, long talk with an old friend.

Again, thank you to those who had advice for me. I appreciate it more in this mood I've risen into than I would have when I was blinded by certain old emotions.

Thank you Everything2, you kick depression's ass.