Something stinks in the house of Multi-Creamer

Mercersburg, Pa is a quiet little place where the autumn leaves drifting on the slopes of the academy lawn can take your breath away. Burnt orange and summery yellow bursting about randomly on the deep green grass. A town with old world charm, historical mansions, and a close ski resort. It is picture perfect as long as you don't live here.

Indulge me, read more. The Mercersburg Borough and Police are my ever so recent target of young hostility. I believe they act the way they do out of sheer boredom. They have nothing else to fill their work days, why not fuck up some paperwork? "At least then we will have something to keep us busy while we fix our own mistakes. What do we care?" says the imaginary Borough worker to the other in my angered brain. Doom on you I say. Doom on you.

In the past ten months, since I moved to Mercersburg, I have managed to memorize their phone number. This is how much they suck. They have messed up two water bills. I have had numerous (likely around 5 or so) disputes over parking tickets. I still do not understand why it is okay for them to put parking meters on the street outside where I live. But oh well, shit happens. The least they can do is mark off the tickets I have paid off so that I don't get letters in the mail threatening a heafty fine and a boot to my car if I don't pay up soon. I really don't feel it necessary to have to make photo copies and keep records of every last one of my two dollar parking tickets just to avoid such things.

Then there was the dirty water incident. Brown, stinky water was coming out of all the faucets in my apartment. Naturally I was worried and called the Borough office for an explanation and to ask if it was safe to cook with. They insisted that it had nothing to do with the water plant and that the brown discharge was likely from rusty pipes. They suggested I take up my complaints with my landlord. This would have been perfectly fine if it were even slightly true. Furthermore . . .rust water is red, not turd brown. After contacting my landlords and hearing them bitch about the water quality through out town I decided to call the Borough back. Different story from them this time. Still not their fault. Poor, poor Borough office people always getting blamed for things. Whatever. Five days later I recieved a letter in the mail explaining why the water was discolored and that boiling shouldn't be necessary for consumption. It was however recomended that bottled water be used for drinking. Like I was going to drink stinky turd water anyways. Apparently the drought had reduced the local resevoir to it's lowest levels and something (I hope just mud) was getting into the water plant lines. This letter was from the Mercersburg Borough office. Heads up their asses.

Now to tackle the police. Let me just say that just because I am young and have a nice car does not mean that I am a drug user/dealer and must be followed and leered at. This behavior does not give me the feeling that I am being "served and protected" but rather "accused and threatened."

In conclusion: Mercersburg, you can kiss my imaginary hairy left nut!