I suppose my day started last night, as it is oft to do.

Lately I have been having peculiar sleeping problems and I don't know why. There's something very irregular about the way it's happening now. I've been plagued with a mental overactivity all my life which means I lose a lot of sleep just to thinking, but there's something unnatural about this insomnia. It just doesn't feel right. I am extremely tired, realize I have to be up early in the morning, but still awake until 5 am at the least. And it's been happening two nights in a row... which has equaled about 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period.

I awoke late this morning though, the body, once committed to that gentle night can't seem to bring itself out of it, and I noticed (awakening) that nobody else was home. A day off work (the first in 4 days) I chose to make the most of it.

That's right, I stripped naked and played my guitar with unparalleled whimsy and volume like never before. Soon, I donned a neutral black attire and admired a new pair of shoes I had just bought. A quick read of a book in the Aeneid and I (clad in a treated leather greaser-style jacket) braved the outside world and attended a video store, renting Peter Greenaway's tribute(?) to Fellini... 8&1/2 women.

Later in the evening, feeling my inherent fatigue, I took a moment to lay down in my bedroom and re-arranged my CD collection into biographical order. Dinner, some Chai Tea (in bags, not the concentrate Latte they have these days) and I watched the movie. My eyes are hurting now, and I think I will sleep... and listen to... The Magnetic Fields...

Carpe Diem Compadres.